Volume 3: Urban Fae

Under Way NOW
Arriving Spring 2022

A Magical City that Connects Two Worlds...

Welcome to New Albion!

Winding alleys that end in mysterious bazaars.  Coffee shops that offer not only lattes but magical tinctures and cursed scones. High-rise apartments towering above mist-shrouded streets, where some of the residents seem... more than human. 

Our next volume of Tales From the Year Between will be themed around "Urban Fae." As with every one of our books, what exactly that means will be up to the contributors who create the world. In general, it will involve "our world," but with a fantastic twist. Think Neil Gaiman's "Sandman," "Neverwhere" or "American Gods." China Mievelle's "King Rat," or "Kraken." White Wolf's World of Darkness setting (Vampire the Masquerade, etc.) Suzanna Clarke's "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell." Only ours will be unique... and created by YOU.

Meet the Crew Behind Volume 4

Volume 4 - Urban Fae ( Coming Spring 2022)

The crew of Volume 4 has just joined up! Profiles will be updated soo!

Jaecyn Bone

Jaecyn Boné (he/they) is a disabled, queer, Asian-American author and artist. They while away their days fantasizing about faeries, pirates, and eating the rich. He lives in Billings, Montana, USA with his spouse, his two kids, his sister, and possibly a ghost or two. Finer them online at https://thefaerth.com Twitter: @Charli_Bone 

A.E. Bross

Author, librarian, and occasionally delightful individual, A.E. Bross is a multi-genre scribbler, most known for the Sands of Theia fantasy book series. She is passionate about the accessibility of writing, elevating marginalized voices, and romantic tropes. Twitter: @AddyBrossWrites Website: addyelsewhere.com.

Lyndsey Croal

Lyndsey Croal is an Edinburgh-based SFF writer and Scottish Book Trust New Writers Awardee. Her work has been published in several anthologies and magazines, and her debut audio drama 'Daughter of Fire and Water' was produced by Alternative Stories & Fake Realities. She’s currently working on her debut novel. @writerlynds  www.lyndseycroal.co.uk (photo credit: Rob McDougall)


Reina Cruz

Reina Cruz was raised and resides in California. She published her debut novel in 2020, titled Daughter of Isis. Besides writing, Reina enjoys yoga and spending time with her loved ones.

See more at reinacruzwrites.com


Chris Durston

Chris "Terry" Durston lives in England, where he subsists on cider and taters. His first novel, Each Little Universe, isn't terrible, and is in fact now available in its second shiny edition from Skullgate. Find him at chrisdurston.com or on Twitter @overthinkery1 (Skullgate Staff)

Melissa Enright

Melissa Enright is a film producer living in Los Angeles - currently in post production on her first two feature films. She dabbles in short fiction, poetry, and is working on her first novel. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, painting watercolors, and sharing opossum facts.

E.S. Gibson

E. S. Gibson is a vagabond currently living in Arizona. When she's not hard at work on her debut novel 'Ace Of Diamonds', she's living up to her titles of "jack-of-all-trades"  "incurable flirt" and "smartass". You can see snippets of her particular breed of eclecticism on her Twitter @ESGibson1."


Jonathan Helland

Jonathan Helland lives in Vermont where he works in higher education. When he's not reading, writing, or teaching, he can be found enjoying the outdoors and practicing HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). You can find him on twitter @jonathanhelland and you can find more of his fiction in Sundial Magazine, Daily Science Fiction and Flash Fiction Online.

Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Currently querying a couple of YA SFF novels, participating in three different anthologies, writing vss on Twitter & buying way too much stuff on Aliexpress. For my day job I give lectures on humor and serve as a personal chauffeur for my two teenagers. Resides in Meitar, Israel. Follow @debbieiancu or her author website (Skullgate Staff)

C.J. Henderson

C. J. Henderson is a Scottish writer and teacher who never knowingly walks past a bookshop without going in.  A co-founder of @EdinburghSFF and member of @GSFWC, she can be found on Twitter @LadyKrakenWrite. (Vol. 3 Alum, Guest Editor)

Chapel Orahamm

Illustrator, academic, and author, they live in the middle of no-man's  big sky country. They have a passion for slipstream, romance, LGBTQ novels & the odd short story. Straddling the line between grunge and sappy prose, their worlds can be found online at the Kavordian Library (Vol. 1,3 Alum)

Dariana Sosa

Teacher, translator, dreamer. Hailing from sunny Mexico, when Dariana Sosa isn’t hanging out with her cat, she breathes life into imaginary worlds full of whim and fancy. Her passions include poetry, music, dance, folklore, and memes. You can either find her at @AwkwardDari or with her head stuck in the clouds.

ARK Horton

A.R.K. Horton writes blogs about myths, fairytales, and folktales. She is also a fantasy author currently working on The Telverin Trilogy. When she isn't writing, she's building websites and managing a family of five. You can find her blog and links to her books at arkhorton.com. (Vol. 2 Alum, guest editor)

Jack Kaide

Jack Kaide is a writer, musician and teacher living in Hackney, London. His short stories have recently featured in Horrified Magazine and The secret Attic vol.6, and he is currently working on a first novel, ‘The Green Man’. You can find him on twitter @TheSomnambulis2.

Astrid Knight

Astrid Knight is a fantasy writer from Michigan with a fascination for stories and what they reveal about ourselves. When she isn't writing, she can be found playing D&D and impulse buying candles online. Her first novel, Perception Check will debut January 2022. She can be found on Twitter @AstridKWrites.

Lisa Kuznak

Hailing from the frozen north, deep in the boreal forest of Canada, Lisa always has a project on the go to stave off the chill. Whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, horror or historical, you know she’s blasting music while she writes. Catch her on Instagram at @lisak.writes

Robert Mammone

Rob lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has been writing since the 90s. He's written horror and fantasy as well as a grimdark novella. His work has appeared and Candy Jar Books. in Dr. Who Magazine and You can find him on twitter @dreadsinister and co-hosting the 42 to Doomsday podcast.

Jeremy Nelson

Jeremy Nelson is a recent transplant to Edinburgh whose afterimages linger in Hong Kong and Portland, Oregon. His preoccupations include accordions, photography, and outdated methods of putting words to paper.  You can find him on Twitter now as @jpaknelson (Vol. 2 Alum, guest editor)

J.C. Pillard

J.C. Pillard lives at the foot of the Colorado mountains. She has a master’s degree in English literature and her recent publications include stories in Broadswords and Blasters and Fall Into Fantasy. When not writing, J.C. can be found prowling through her local bookstore. Find her at www.jcpillard.com.

Craig Rathbone

Craig Rathbone is a writer from a little town in the north of England. With a writing background in games reviews and blogging, he's developed an insatiable taste for pirate themed tales!

Harry F. Ray

Harry F. Rey is a Scottish author and lover of LGBTQ fiction. His works include the epic queer sci-fi series The Galactic Captains, royal romance novels The Line of Succession and gay rom-com All The Lovers. Find him at his website or talking about queer books on Twitter @Harry_F_Rey 

Katherine Shaw

Katherine is a multi-genre writer and self-confessed nerd from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, spending most of her time dreaming up new characters or playing D&D. You can find more about her and her latest work at her website, and she is always happy to chat on Twitter @katheroony. 

Imelda Taylor

Imelda Taylor was an English Tutor before becoming a full-time mother. She's fond of creating things that shape her daughter's imagination. She lives in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire England. Follow her on Twitter @lostsheep2 & Instagram @lostsheep.is (Vol. 1 Alum)


For this volume, each world will have its own dedicated cartographer! So not only will you be able to thrill to the exciting pirate exploits in sky, sea, and space, but follow their adventures across their respective archipelagos on paper as well!

Dewi Hargreaves

Historic World Map-- Dewi Hargreaves is a freelance illustrator who has created over 50 maps, mostly for clients in the writing community. He primarily works in the fantasy style, but has created historical, contemporary and sci-fi maps, too. You can commission art from him at his website, DewiHargreaves.com. 

Aaron Hockett

Sky Pirate Map-- Aaron is a New York City based architect, illustrator, amateur cartographer, and aspiring cartoonist. His previous work includes the maps for Volume 1 of Tales from the Year Between..  Aaron's comic work can be found on Instagram at @hockett.aaron (Vol. 1&2 alum)

Michael D. Nadeau

Fantasy Map-- Born in the usual way, author Michael found fantasy at the age of eight with Dungeons & Dragons. He soon discovered his love for reading and started creating his own worlds. After he create cities, gods, ancient and terrible beings and histories, he would then burn them all down.  

C. Vandyke

Space Map-- While primarily focusing on his writing and publishing chops these days, Chris is also an avid drawer and doodler. He's almost never written a story without drawing a map to go with it, though he'll often draw a map without bothering to write a story.

Editorial Team

While the writers and cartographers do all the sexy work out front, none of it would be possible without a hard-working team behind the scenes. In addition to the five owner-members of Skullgate (Debbie, Diana, Chris, Colleen, and Chris), for this round of shenanigans Sarah Parker and Jonathan Beck are joining us under the hood!

Jonathan Beck

Jonathan is a singer & writer from Northern Ireland who loves cats, whiskey and traveling (when permitted). When he’s not running or binge-watching sci-fi, he can be found writing weird little tweet-stories as @diminufiction  (Vol. 1&2 alum, guest staff)

Chris "Terry" Durston

Chris "Terry" Durston" he lives in England, where he subsists on cider and ‘taters. Apart from his editorial duties, he produces Skullgate's podcast, Sounds From the Year Between. His first novel, Each Little Universe, was released in April 2020. chrisdurston.com or on Twitter @overthinkery1 (Skullgate Staff)

Diana Gagliardi

D helps run the world building as one of the Game Masters for each book, as well helps Chris Durston on the podcast. She herded many cats and is now Den Mother to over two dozen sci-fi authors. She & her (actual) child enjoy singing in harmony & quoting Monty Python in and around Philadelphia. (Skullgate Staff, Game Master)

Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Currently querying a couple of YA SFF novels, participating in three different anthologies, writing vss on Twitter & buying way too much stuff on Aliexpress. For my day job I give lectures on humor and serve as a personal chauffeur for my two teenagers. Resides in Meitar, Israel. Follow @debbieiancu or her author website (Skullgate Staff)

Sarah Parker

S.L.Parker, world builder, wonderer & as a result, writer. Plays well with words & others. Prior publications in poetic & academic veins. WIP exploring creation of civilization & what if step-sisters of the divided ruling family were Fear and True Love. Tweets via @isparkit (Vol. 1&2 alum, guest staff)

CD Storiz

Teacher by day, writer at night, C.D. is a member of the skullgatemedia.com team where she helps to slay em dashes. She also has work published through various other outlets. You can follow her on Twitter @LeChatGris3 or at cdstoriz.com where she posts writing and rants about her cat. (Skullgate Staff)

Chris "Prime" Vandyke

Chris is the founder and president of Skullgate media and the Editor-in-Chief of TFYB. He always has more ideas than is good for him, and needs the others to help restrain his naive enthuasim.  You can see things he writes at cvandyke.com and follow him at @aboutrunning (Skullgate Staff)

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