Volume 2 is launching soon!  Want a seat on a spaceship as the crew tries to find its way home? We'll be recruiting 24 new contributors to create an entirely new world. With a tentative start date of October 15th and a publication date in early February 2021, Volume 2 is going to be every bit as exciting as Volume 1 -- hop aboard! 

Recruitment is officially CLOSED as of 9/26! Thank you to everyone who applied! We will be sending out emails to all applicants on Monday 10/5 with our decisions. Then it will be time to get to work on a new book!

Our Kickstarter to pay for publishing Volume 2 was funded in just over 24 hours! The campaign is still open until November 1st. Any funds raised now go toward our two stretch goals -- paying our contributors! Please consider pledging, as pre-ordering the book NOW means you help support 24 indie-authors!

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