A crew trapped in a sentient space-ship 90,000 light-years from home...

It was never a simple mission: hijack one of the Swarm's bio-organic ships to use against them. But then the Ship jumped across the galaxy. Because it seems it has a mind of its own...

The second volume of Tales from the Year Between is set on the far side of our galaxy in some far-flung future. For generations, the United Planetary Alliance has been fighting a losing war against the invading armies of the Swarm.

In a desperate bid to turn the tide, the UPA plans a daring mission to steal one of the Swarm's battleships. The squad of Marines and civilian imbeds hope to capture the dreaded Warp Cannon and turn it on the Swarm. But the Ship has other plans...

Join a motley crew of 25 humans and aliens as they explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy. They'll be pitted against inhospitable landscapes, space sharks, and a dire shortage of Vesuvian coffee. 

As everything around them changes, the one constant is the Ship. But is it the super-weapon they hoped it would be? Is it another threat... or actually an ally? 



Volume 2 - "Under New Suns" (February 2021)

C. Vandyke

Chris is back as a contributor because, in his words "I started it, dammit. I get to be in it!" He is also the Editor-in-Chief of TFYB and founding president of Skullgate Media.  You can see things he writes at cvandyke.com and follow him at @aboutrunning (Vol. 1 alum, Editor-In-Chief, Skullgate Staff, etc.)

Laila Amando

Laila Amado spends her days teaching, writing, never quite catching up on her own research agenda, and trying to get a teenage kid through a global pandemic. In her free time, she can be found staring at the Mediterranean Sea. Occasionally, the sea stares back. She is on Twitter @onbonbon7

Emily Ansell

Emily is an SFF writer hailing from the cold, wind-swept prairies of Manitoba, Canada, where she lives with one husband, two kids, and two cats. You can find her latest writing endeavors, cosplays, and other nerdy things on Twitter and Instagram, as well as her rarely-updated website

Gabrielle Awe

Gabrielle is the writer of the  podcasts Finding Satan and Stories in the Dark, which she also narrates. She has  published a collection of stories from the podcast titled "Stores in the Dark: The Horror" as well as "Empire of Sky," a YA Fantasy. Read more at GabrielleAwe.com (Vol. 1 alum)

B.K. Bass

B.K. Bass is the author of over a dozen books of science fiction, fantasy, and horror inspired by pulp fiction magazines and classic speculative fiction. He is also an avid worldbuilder, a blender of genres, and a student of history. More about B.K. can be found on his website.

Jayme Bean

Jayme is a multi-genre author hailing from the sunny state of Florida. As a semi-retired zookeeper and full-time Mom, Jayme spends the little bit of free time she has telling stories. Her debut adventure novel, Untouched, will hit the shelves in early 2021. You can follow her on twitter @ZookeeperBean.

Darius Bearguard

Born in British Columbia Canada, Darius grew up in a town caught between a village and a city nestled within acres of  mountain and backwoods. He started his writing journey writing fan-fiction for the Duke Nukem games, and has been enamored with writing since. @OSTBear (Vol. 1 alum)

Jonathan Beck

Jonathan is a singer & writer from Northern Ireland who loves cats, whiskey and traveling; in the absence of the latter is hitting the other two pretty hard. When he’s not running or watching Star Trek, he’s can be found in coastal cafes, writing odd tweet-sized stories under the name @diminufiction (Vol. 1 alum)

Steven Bayer

Steven Bayer is a drama teacher by day and a daydreamer in his spare time. He is thrilled to debut with Skullgate and hopes to share more of the wild and fantastical thoughts swirling in his mind in the years to come. You can follow him on Twitter as  @sylphenwood.

Elvira Carnival

A sincere satirist ( sintire.com), Elvira Canaveral is the creator of GameOfDepth.com as well as Pincombo.com. Go to WordCrimes.com for work or dial HAHACOMICS for Rep Ryan Richards r@sintire.com (Vol. 1 alum)

Zackery Cuevas

Zackery Cuevas worked in scholarly publishing  and children’s publishing before switching gears to write about gaming and tech. When he is not talking about, praising, or complaining about video games, he can be found performing around New York City.

Aaron Hockett

Aaron Hockett is a New York City based architect, illustrator, amateur cartographer, and aspiring cartoonist. His previous work includes the maps for Volume 1 of Tales from the Year Between..  Aaron's comic work can be found on Instagram at @hockett.aaron (Vol. 1 alum)

E.R. Hoffer

Erin Rae Hoffer writes about envirofuturism and post-fossil fuel worlds in the hope that positive imaginings might slap humanity hard enough to change things. She tweets as @erhoffer and posts on her lxnishimoto website (Vol. 1 alum)

A.R.K. Horton

A.R.K. Horton writes blogs about myths, fairytales, and folktales. She is also a fantasy author currently working on The Telverin Trilogy. When she isn't writing, she's building websites and managing a family of five in her Florida home. You can find her blog and links to her books at arkhorton.com

Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Currently querying a couple of YA SFF novels, participating in three different anthologies, writing vss on Twitter & buying way too much stuff on Aliexpress. For my day job I give lectures on humor and serve as a personal chauffeur for my two teenagers. Resides in Meitar, Israel. Follow @debbieiancu or her author website (Vol. 1 alum, Skullgate Staff)

Daniel James

Daniel James is an aspiring writer originally from London, looking to publish stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres. He is a recovering activist and a vocal defender of LGBTQ rights, fellow disabled people and social welfare. You can find him on Twitter (@danjameswrites) and via WordPress

Allison N. Moore

Allison is a stay-at-home mom who lives in MN. She may look sweet and innocent, but her characters know better.  She is querying her first adult fantasy novel, which you can find out more about at her website: authorallisonmoore.com. Her Twittter is @MooreWriting89 (Vol. 1 alum)

Jeremy Nelson

Jeremy Nelson is a recent transplant to Edinburgh whose afterimages linger in Hong Kong and Portland, Oregon. His preoccupations include accordions, photography, and outdated methods of putting words to paper.  His website is coming soon, but you can find him on Twitter now as @jpaknelson

Sarah Parker

S.L.Parker, world builder, wonderer & as a result, writer. Plays well with words & others. Prior publications in poetic & academic veins. WIP exploring creation of civilization & what if step-sisters of the divided ruling family were Fear and True Love. Tweets via @isparkit (Vol. 1 alum, Guest Editor)

Sarah Remy

Sarah Remy/Alex Hall is a nonbinary, animal-loving, proud gamer Geek. Their work can be found in a variety of cool places, including HarperVoyagerEDGE and NineStar Press. Find them online at SarahRemy.com or on twitter at @sarahremywrites (Vol. 1 alum, Guest Editor)

A.A. Rubin

A. A. Rubin surfs the cosmos on waves of dark energy. His work has appeared recently in anthologies from Flying Ketchup Press and Kyanite Publishing, and in journals such as Cowboy Jamboree and Bards Annual. Follow him as @TheSurrealAari on Twitter, Facebook , and Instagram, or through his website

CD Storiz

CD Storiz loves to escape by reading and writing Science Fiction and Fantasy. Her previously published novelette, Relevant, can be found at Kyanite Press.  As @LeChatGris3, she tweets samples of her writing and rants about her cat. (Vol. 1 alum, Skullgate Staff)

Kelly Washington

A third-generation soldier, Kelly Washington's writing has appeared in Pulp House Fiction Magazine, Kaleidotrope, Heart’s Kiss, and various Fiction River Anthologies. You can find her on the web at Kellywashington.com She tweets as @kellywashwrites ((Vol. 1 alum, Guest Editor)

Phebe Yawson

Phebe Yawson loves to write poetry and short stories. Author of She Cried Wolf, Phebe, spends her days homeschooling her 3.5 children and cooking for her husband. Well, anyone who's hungry. Her nights are for her pen. Writings available at phebeyawson.com

Diana Gagliardi

While not a contributor this time, D acted as the Game Master for Volume 2's world building game. She herded many cats and is now Den Mother to over two dozen sci-fi authors. She & her (actual) child enjoy singing in harmony & quoting Monty Python in and around Philadelphia. (Vol. 1 alum, Skullgate Staff, GM)

Chris "Terry" Durston

Like Diana, Chris "Terry" Durston in holding down the Skullgate fort this time out doing editing and stuff.  Unlike D, he lives in England, where he subsists on cider and ‘taters.  His first novel, Each Little Universe, was released in April 2020. chrisdurston.com or on Twitter @overthinkery1 (Vol. 1 alum, Skullgate Staff)

The Adventures of West & Gunfighter Riker P. Everest
by Darius Bearguard

A serialized space-opera companion to Under New Suns

As we count down to the release of Under New Suns on February 28th, we're releasing a series of short, on-line only stories following the adventures of two characters from the anthology, Riker P. Everest and his friend West. Darius Bearguard wrote the story "The Sand Runner" for Achten Tan, and in this book he has two pieces ("Dark Veracities" and "The One You Believe In") both involving West and Riker. West is a young man with Down Syndrome, and is loosely based on a client Darius has known for years through his work with disabled kids and adults. Because keeping Darius within the word-count of an anthology is a futile task, the adventures of West and Riker will be playing out here as a series of "webisodes." A new adventure will post each Saturday. You can enjoy them apart from the rest of Under New Suns as they work as a prequel, following  these two characters before they wind up on the Ship. 

Episode 1 - "Down & Out" (February 6th)

Episode 2 - Strangers" (Coming February 13th)

Episode 3 - "The Lost & The Damned" (February 20th)

Episode 4 - "One Moment in Time" (February 27th)

Episode 5 - "The Ghosts We Knew" (March 6th)

Episode 6 - "Headed for a Dead Night" (March 13th)

Episode 7 - "Down We Go" (coming March 20th)

Episode 8 - "A Dangerous Time" (coming March 27th)

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The following people helped make Under New Suns possible through their financial support. Many generously added donations over and above these standard backing levels, but whether they contributed $4 or $300, we are eternally grateful to each and every person who helped fund this book.


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