A CREW trapped in a sentient space-ship 90,000 light-years from home..

It was never a simple mission: hijack one of the Swarm's bio-organic ships to use against them. But then the Ship jumped across the galaxy. Because it seems it has a mind of its own...

The second volume of Tales from the Year Between is set on the far side of our galaxy in some far-flung future. For generations, the United Planetary Alliance has been fighting a losing war against the invading armies of the Swarm.

In a desperate bid to turn the tide, the UPA plans a daring mission to steal one of the Swarm's battleships. The squad of Marines and civilian imbeds hope to capture the dreaded Warp Cannon and turn it on the Swarm. But the Ship has other plans...

Join a motley crew of 25 humans and aliens as they explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy. They'll be pitted against inhospitable landscapes, space sharks, and a dire shortage of Vesuvian coffee. 

As everything around them changes, the one constant is the Ship. But is it the super-weapon they hoped it would be? Is it another threat... or actually an ally? 

Volume 2 will crash-land in a bookstore near you in February 2021!



Available for digital pre-order now. (Paperback orders coming soon!)

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