ACHTEN TAN: A land of bone & blood & really big ants

On the edge of the Bone Wastes, huddled between the arcing ribs of a long extinct monstrosity, lies Achten Tan

The first volume of Tales from the Year Between is set in Achten Tan, a post-apocalyptic fantasy city where elves ride massive ants and gnomes farm algae in cursed, subterranean caves. Having weathered generations of warfare against the giant, intelligent rats known as the Craven, the people of Achten Tan hoped that the sudden peace this last winter would presage a year of prosperity. (Spoiler -- it didn't).

A dark elf wizard, long thought dead, will return to direct the sand-worms in some obscure search. Mad prophets will arrive with severed heads; gladiators will bleed and die in the desert sand; and sleepers, unable to wake, will mutter in an ominous, unknown tongue. 

Welcome to Achten Tan!

Achten Tan: Land of Dust and Bones is available n a variety of digital formats and paperback. Right now you can buy it in Kindle or paperback ad Amazon or an eBook through Smashwords. You can also order the paperback at Barnes & Noble or wherever slightly off-kilter books are sold!



A year is a long time. A lot can happen in three-hundred in sixty-five days, and not all of it can be contained between the pages of one Anthology. Each week, 1-2 pieces from the current Volume will be posted for your edification, amusement, and horror. Think of it as a peek behind the curtain, a small hint at the larger world waiting for you in the pages of the completed book...

SVAALTI GIRL, by Imelda Taylor

THREE POEMS, by Chapel Orahamm, Darby Cupid, and Dan Berison

AN ESSAY ON THE HYMN OF BIRTH AND REBIRTH, by Nathilaen the Literate (aka Chris "Terry" Durston)

SPEECHLESS, by Debbie Iancu Haddad

THE FINE ART OF RIDING A TRAINED GANT -- Part 1 of 3, by Dan Berison (29/6/2020)

LAKSHMI'S FATE, by Paul Worthington (22/6/2020)

AN INTRODUCTION to the First Definitive Edition of the Achten Tan Codex, by Brother Animius (15/6/2020)

PREFACE to the Second Edition of the Achten Tan Codex, by Doldor Blanch (15/6/2020)



"An'cher with Gant" painted by Daniel Jackson @WorldofMrGrey on Twitter and YouTube at Dan Jackson Draws and World of MrGrey

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