Volume 4: New Albion

Under Way NOW
4 Books of  Urban Fae themed tales
Arriving Fall 2022

A Magical City that Connects Two Worlds...

Welcome to New Albion!

A magical island appears off the coast of 17th century New York, filled with immortal fae and magic. Winding alleys that end in mysterious bazaars.  Coffee shops that offer not only lattes but magical tinctures and cursed scones. Sentient AI meet elven prog-rock as hackers explore the possibility of connecting two worlds... 

Our next installment of Tales From the Year Between explores  New Albion, a magical city set in an alternative, fantastic version of our world. Themed around "Urban Fae," this world will released in FOUR independent but connected books, each telling one year in the 500 year history of New Albion. From 1787 to 2187, these books will have everything from Victorian elves to cyber-punk dwarves. Inspired by works such as Suzanna Clarke's "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell;" Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" and "Neverwhere;" China Mievelle's "King Rat;" and White Wolf's World of Darkness setting, these books will have something for everyone--including an original soundrack! Buy one book, or buy all four and explore the fabulous world of New Albion!

Meet the Urban Fae Behind Volume 4

Contributors to New Albion (Coming Summer 2022)

The crew of Volume 4 is hard at work on FOUR books! Profiles will be updated soo!

Becky Burton

Becky Burton is a queer, neurodivergent writer who disappears into the fantasy worlds in her head to distract herself from her day job helping people with their taxes. When not writing, she can be found learning (too many) languages, drinking (too much) tea, and muttering about hair dye and k-drama on Twitter. Find her online at RebeccaBurton.me or twitter as @TyGrammarRex.


Lyndsey Croal

Lyndsey Croal is an Edinburgh-based SFF writer and Scottish Book Trust New Writers Awardee. Her debut audio drama 'Daughter of Fire and Water' was produced by Alternative Stories & Fake Realities. She’s currently working on her debut novel. @writerlynds  www.lyndseycroal.co.uk (photo credit: Rob McDougall)


Reina Cruz

Reina Cruz was raised and resides in California. She published her debut novel in 2020, titled Daughter of Isis. Besides writing, Reina enjoys yoga and spending time with her loved ones. See more at reinacruzwrites.com


Ros Dando

Rosalind Dando is a primary teacher, artist, and master of procrastination. When not writing fantasy, she can be found knitting, playing board games with her partner, or hibernating with a book and her grumpy Turkish Angora cat.  @ortyallin (Volume 1 Alum)


Chris Durston

Chris "Terry" Durston lives in England, where he subsists on cider and taters. His first novel, Each Little Universe, isn't terrible, and is in fact now available in its second shiny edition from Skullgate. Find him at chrisdurston.com or on Twitter @overthinkery1 (Vol. 1, Skullgate Staff)

Melissa Enright

Melissa Enright is a film producer living in Los Angeles - currently in post production on her first two feature films. She dabbles in short fiction, poetry, and is working on her first novel. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, painting watercolors, and sharing opossum facts.

Diana Gagliardi

Diana C Gagliardi talks to kids about books at a middle school & has written for various East Coast LARPS. While accused of being fictional, she lives outside of Philly PA with four feline companions, three guitars, & a ukulele. She & her child enjoy singing in harmony & quoting Monty Python. (Vol. 1, Skullgate Staff)


E.S. Gibson

E. S. Gibson is a vagabond currently living in Arizona. When she's not hard at work on her debut novel 'Ace Of Diamonds', she's living up to her titles of "jack-of-all-trades"  "incurable flirt" and "smartass". You can see snippets of her particular breed of eclecticism on her Twitter @ESGibson1."


Leon Glasier

A writer from New York, Leon Glasier broke into comics through Top Cow’s annual Talent Hunt competition. A lifetime fan of science fiction and fantasy, he channeled that love into as many aspects of his life as he could, from writing to running a pop-culture collectible business. He can be found on Twitter at @SirEscapist.

Jonathan Helland

Jonathan Helland lives in Vermont where he works in higher education. When he's not reading, writing, or teaching, he can be found enjoying the outdoors and practicing HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). You can find him on twitter @jonathanhelland and you can find more of his fiction in Sundial Magazine, Daily Science Fiction and Flash Fiction Online.

Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Debbie Iancu-Haddad is currently querying a few YA SFF novels, participating in three different anthologies, writing vss on Twitter & buying way too much stuff on Aliexpress. For her day job she gives lectures on humor and serve as a personal chauffeur for her two teenagers. She resides in Meitar, Israel. Follow @debbieiancu or her author website (Vol. 1, 2, Skullgate Staff)

C.J. Henderson

C. J. Henderson is a Scottish writer and teacher who never knowingly walks past a bookshop without going in.  A co-founder of @EdinburghSFF and member of @GSFWC, she can be found on Twitter @LadyKrakenWrite. (Vol. 3 Alum, Guest Editor)

Dan James

Daniel James is an aspiring writer originally from London, looking to publish stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres. He is a recovering activist and a vocal defender of LGBTQ rights, fellow disabled people and social welfare. You can find him on Twitter (@danjameswrites) and via danjameswrites.com (Vol. 2 Alum)


Roger Jones

Idaho-born and raised, Roger Jones moved to NYC to write plays and fall in love and apparently teach English to Brooklyn high school students.  Sonneteer, novelist, screenwriter, playwright.  Blessed with a wife who celebrates nerdom and a teen daughter who hasn't gone to the dark side. (Vol. 1 Alum)


Vincent Lebate

Vincent Lebate Produces and plays on The Chimera, an actual play RPG podcast, where his roles have included a loud-mouth vampire, a living financial instrument,, and a hippopotamus bartender. Writes in fit and starts. Passable tweeting at @MrReciprocity and @chimerapod. (Vol. 1 Alum)


Iseult Murphy

Iseult Murphy is drawn to horror, fantasy and science fiction. She currently resides on the east coast of Ireland with four dogs, two cats, a parrot and a couple of humans. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and purchase her horror novel and short story collections on Amazon. (Vol. 1 Alum)

Dominic Rascati

Dominic Rascati is a freelance writer and author based in Connecticut, as well as a lover of sci-fi, fantasy, and pizza. When in doubt, you can find Dominic writing, streaming shows, or catching up on whatever the internet is talking about. You can find links to all their various social medias at Linktree.

Katherine Shaw

Katherine is a multi-genre writer and self-confessed nerd from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, spending most of her time dreaming up new characters or playing D&D. You can find more about her and her latest work at her website, and she is always happy to chat on Twitter @katheroony. 

Dariana Sosa

Teacher, translator, dreamer. Hailing from sunny Mexico, when Dariana Sosa isn’t hanging out with her cat, she breathes life into imaginary worlds full of whim and fancy. Her passions include poetry, music, dance, folklore, and memes. You can either find her at @AwkwardDari or with her head stuck in the clouds.

Rue Sparks

Queer, a widow, and disabled, Rue Sparks traverses the equally harsh and cathartic landscape where trauma and healing align to create stories that burrow into the hearts and minds of their readers.They live in Indiana with their support dog and draw and paint when they’re physically able. Find them through their various links.

Jabe Staffard

Jabe Stafford's adventures around the Midwest have taken him to UW-Madison where he earned a BA in English Literature. He's taught Tae Kwon Do, volunteered at renaissance faires, and made some great friends with his cheesy British accent. Hip, hip, THE FAE! Twitter: @OculusWriter

C.D. Storiz

Teacher by day, writer at night, C.D. Storiz is a member of the skullgatemedia.com team where she helps to slay em dashes. She also has work published through various other outlets. You can follow her on Twitter @LeChatGris3 or at cdstoriz.com where she posts writing and rants about her cat. (Skullgate Staff)

Kat Veltd

Kat Veldt was detasseled from the cornfields of Iowa and scattered across the contiguous States before putting down roots in Minneapolis with their daughter (feline). They write weird fiction, study library and information science, and drink a lot of tea. You can find them on twitter http://twitter.com/katveldt, and at http://katpla.net/.

C.M. Wilson

CM Wilson (they/them) is a writer, librarian-in-training, illustrator, mycophile, fan of list-making, and enjoyer of frogs. Their work has been published in The Selkie, Wizards in Space, and IndyStar, while their presentations have been featured in the Rural Gothic conference series. Check out CM's shop on Redbubble.



We are still recruiting cartographers for this volume (so if you draw maps, be in touch!)! So not only will you be able to thrill to the exciting adventures of our urban fae over 500 years, but see how the city and island have changed geographically as well!

Joshua Somerville-Jacklin

Joshua Somerville-Jacklin is a Swansea-based digital artist with a love for mythology, folklore, comics and gaming. He’s the principal artist for the TTRPG Inspirisles and Overisles, and the illustrator for many more. He’s also the creator of WOAD, the welsh mythology-based solo journaling game. Coming to Kickstarter March of 2023. Find out more about his work at www.mythic-comics.co.uk.

C. Vandyke

While primarily focusing on his writing and publishing chops these days, Chris Vandyke is also an avid drawer and doodler. He's almost never written a story without drawing a map to go with it, though he'll often draw a map without bothering to write a story.


We are very excited that this book will have it's own, original soundtrack! We are thrilled to be joined by a pair of amazing composers who are helping bring our world to life and bring a sonic landscape to the world of New Albion.

Brad Fowler

Brad Fowler is a composer who has written for film, theatre, and the concert hall. He credits growing up with the music of John Williams, Danny Elfman, and Tchaikovsky for a substantial portion of “why he is the way he is.” Brad currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife and daughter.


Reed Reimer

Reed Reimer is a music composer for media and founder of the Fable Factory, a creative collective making multimedia projects in a variety of genres and styles. Creating unique, story-based music is what drives him... that and his twin daughters!

Editorial Team

While the writers and cartographers do all the sexy work out front, none of it would be possible without a hard-working team behind the scenes (many of whom are also contributing stories to this volume). In addition to the five owner-members of Skullgate (Debbie, Diana, Chris, Colleen, and Chris),  Chapel Orahamm will be joining us to help edit.

Chris "Terry" Durston

Chris "Terry" Durston" lives in England, where he subsists on cider and ‘taters. Apart from his editorial duties, he produces Skullgate's podcast, Sounds From the Year Between. His first novel, Each Little Universe, was released in April 2020. chrisdurston.com or on Twitter @overthinkery1 (Vol. 1, Skullgate Staff)

Diana Gagliardi

D Gagliardi helps run the world building as one of the Game Masters for each book, as well helps Chris Durston on the podcast. She herded many cats and is now Den Mother to over two dozen sci-fi authors. She & her (actual) child enjoy singing in harmony & quoting Monty Python in and around Philadelphia. (Vol. 1, Skullgate Staff, Game Master)

Chapel Orahamm

Illustrator, academic, &  author, Chapel Orahamm lives in the middle of no-man's-land big sky country. They have a passion for slipstream, romance, LGBTQ novels & the odd short story. Straddling the line between grunge and sappy prose, their world can be found online at the Kavordian Library (Vol. 1, 2, Guest Editor)


Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Debbie Iancu-Haddad is currently querying a few YA SFF novels, participating in three different anthologies, writing vss on Twitter & buying way too much stuff on Aliexpress. For her day job she gives lectures on humor and serve as a personal chauffeur for her two teenagers. She resides in Meitar, Israel. Follow @debbieiancu or her author website (Vol. 1, 2, Skullgate Staff)

C.D. Storiz

Teacher by day, writer at night, C.D. is a member of the skullgatemedia.com team where she helps to slay em dashes. She also has work published through various other outlets. You can follow her on Twitter @LeChatGris3 or at cdstoriz.com where she posts writing and rants about her cat. (Vol. 1, 2, Skullgate Staff)

Chris "Prime" Vandyke

Chris is the founder and president of Skullgate media and the Editor-in-Chief of TFYB. He always has more ideas than is good for him, and needs the others to help restrain his naive enthusiam (and find all his typos).  You can see things he writes at cvandyke.com and follow him at @aboutrunning (Vol. 1, 2, Skullgate Staff)

Our Kickstarter Backers

The first edition of this book was funded via Kickstarter, which allowed us to commission original art and pay contributors a token fee for their work. The following people helped make New Albion possible through their financial support. Many generously added donations over and above these standard backing levels, but whether they contributed $4 or $1,000, we are eternally grateful to each and every person who helped fund this book:


Anonymous, Emily Ansell, Steve Arensberg, Dagmar Baumann, Steven Bayer, Jonathan Beck, Charlie Bone, J.R. Bournville, A. E. Bross, Ariana Burns, Rebecca Burton, Stephen Clark, Scott K. Cox II, Laura Debus, Kai Delmas, Matt Dolan, Matthew Dombroski, Justin Dorr, Chris Durston, Michael Feir, Jeremy Filner, Diana Chalet Gagliardi, E.S. Gibson, ET Gilmore, Huw Greathead, B. Harris, J. Headstone, Jonathan Helland, C.J. Henderson, Dale Hitsman, Erin R Hoffer, John Hogan, Tyler Hulsey, Debbie Iancu-Haddad, Erik Johnson, Mike Jones, Alisha Kelley, Jack Lee, Jonathan Mendonca, Ashley Niels, Ernesto Pavan, J.C. Pillard, JQ, Craig Rathbone, Leslie Anne Rogers, K. M. Sanders, Lynette Scavullo, Nina Silver Chair, Joshua Somerville-Jacklin, Dariana Sosa, Trip Space-Parasite, Guillaume Stainier, Nicholas Stephenson, SwordFirey, Nils Thingvall, Kat Veldt, Boris Veytsman, Yael Arturo Villanueva, John Wedoff, Richard Whipkey, John Woodcock, Joseph Zielazinski, David Zurek, and the Creative Fund by BackerKit. 

Creative Chaos VIPs:

Josh Dougherty, A.R.K. Horton, and Alan Silverblatt.

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John Bloechl, Rod Cressey, The (Derbyshire) Krift Family, Paul Renner, and Richard & Mary VanDyke.